Throughout the G-7 Summit, there were some awkward moments between Trump and other world leaders. 

This moment in particular comes to mind.

If this picture isn't familiar, then maybe this is: 

The Trump-Macron handshake, a play in four acts

— Anna Massoglia (@annalecta) June 9, 2018

President Macron shook President Trump's hand so hard, he left a thumbprint. Yikes. 

This may not look like an awkward handshake, but just remember the context in which this photo was taken. Trump and Trudeau have been vocally sparring ever since the U.S. announced that tariffs on Canadian imports. 

But, handshakes were not the only awkward events at the G-7 summit.

The photo seen around the world from the summit was uploaded to Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany's Instagram account.

This picture seems to speak a thousand words, but I think it's only fair if we contextualize this photo by showing the same picture from the other G-7 leaders social media posts. After all, it's only fair to see the awkwardness from all angles, right? 

The newly elected Italian president uploaded this photo to Twitter after the summit.

Seconda giornata qui al #G7 in Canada dove sto continuando a lavorare per rappresentare e difendere gli interessi degli italiani. Ecco un breve aggiornamento dal #G7Charlevoix:

— GiuseppeConte (@GiuseppeConteIT) June 9, 2018

Ah, you think that was the only one? Nope. There's more. The next one is from Adam Scotti, the official photographer for Prime Minister Trudeau.

A late night and early morning @g7 in #Charlevoix #cdnpoli

— Adam Scotti ������ (@AdamScotti) June 9, 2018

The Prime Minister of Japan also tweeted out his version of the photo.


— 安倍晋三 (@AbeShinzo) June 10, 2018

Even the President's assistant got in on the fun. 

A look at negotiations, from behind the scenes at the #G7Charlevoix Summit.

— Dan Scavino Jr. (@Scavino45) June 9, 2018

Emmanuel Macron also uploaded his own photo from the now-famous scene.

Soyons dignes de nos peuples. C'est pour eux que nous travaillons ensemble. C'est pour eux que nous avons pris des engagements forts lors de ce #G7Charlevoix.

— Emmanuel Macron (@EmmanuelMacron) June 10, 2018

Seems like the G-7 summit had some supremely awkward moments.