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This one fazed me. This one dazzled. Blown away, simply blown away.


Jeff "Stoic" Berkowitz

called me at 5:30 a.m. to say "wow." He never says wow about anything in this business.

AOL-Time Warner merger: Join the discussion on our

message boards.

Yeah, I am talking

Time Warner





. Because this deal changes everything.

In one fell swoop it validates all of these seemingly wacko valuations from the Net, admits that old media has been surpassed by new media, and says that content will be delivered primarily on the Net -- both


and magazine content -- in the very near future.

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Think about it. Is CNN overnight now more powerful than






? It is the AOL network. Will

Time Inc.

now run all of the media properties on AOL? Will AOL be the most important media company in the world?

First take: This deal changes everything upward. Second take: Will



now merge with

General Electric

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(CBS) - Get CBS Corporation Class B Report

? Third take: Holy cow, I can't believe they could keep this secret. Fourth take: Was



ever right about blocking that blockhead Lycos merger. If Lycos keeps going, it could buy its own network! Fifth take: Oh yeah, and don't forget, game over on the broadband strategy because of RoadRunner. AOL just solved its Achilles heel!

Congratulations to both companies for redefining the term blockbuster merger. This is just plain exciting.

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