We live in a world of convenience. When you go to a

Store 24

, you want to find cleansers, Cokes, pencils and a panoply of other daily necessities.

Similarly, when you hit a financial information resource on the Web, you want to find prices, advice and news. The beauty of the Web is that, unlike the convenience store, one site doesn't actually have to have that information. It can merely serve as a one-stop link library.

That's what Daniel Feuer has created. His

Daniel Feuer Investment Dude - Home Page

(we're not making that up -- it's in the title bar) is a virtual clearinghouse of information for both the sophisticated and neophyte investor.

Organized by category, the site provides links to sites on almost every major investment topic. Clicking on the mutual funds category gives surfers access to sites hosted by big mutual funds companies, like




, as well as newsletter sites dedicated to the discussion of mutual fund performance.

Feuer, who has worked as an investment adviser at several Canadian securities houses, also provides a glossary of the argot that baffles newcomers to the investment field. The definitions, which occasionally include more investment cant, are linked back to other definitions in the dictionary, creating an ersatz monetary Mobius strip. Sometimes those links are unnecessary, as Feuer's definitions are pretty clear.

The site, according to its own self-promotion, is the recipient of several awards and citations in the Canadian press. And justifiably so. It is easy to use and cleanly presented.

By Andrew Morse