Tempted by Raytheon

Yes, Cramer is trying hard to stick to the Chartman's advice about waiting out the first dip. But he's beginning to waver on his conviction. What do you think? Visit the message board.
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Wait a second, doesn't some company buy Raytheon (RTN.A) down here? Isn't it worth something? Could it be this bad?

Tell us what you think of Cramer's latest on


Message Boards. I have watched this indication come down, down and down and I am thinking there has to be some value here.

But on the other hand, I keep thinking about

Gary B. Smith's

rule about waiting a day and not buying the first dip.

This is one where we can pool our resources and figure out whether there is something here worth buying.

I think at 21 to 22, I will break Gary's rule!

What do you think?

Let's go to our boards and find out.

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