Telecom Tech Stocks Come to the Fore

GEC's bid for Fore will push all the stocks in this sector higher.
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Wow! New buyer for telco tech!! Yes, that's the only reaction you can have to the


bid just now for



. Of all the rumored buyers of rumored targets, I don't know anybody who was thinking that GEC would get involved.

The result? An immediate revalution upward of telco tech right before our eyes. And can you blame buyers? This Fore price makes you feel like you can win both ways. You can win if the company beats numbers and you can win with a takeover if a company misses numbers. That's nirvana.




and now Fore. Three companies everyone said would get bids. Three companies that got bids. Reminds me of the days when


was rumored to get a bid. You couldn't


be there (yes, double negative, but I have been on vacation, so give my English a break).

Gotta love this tape.

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