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Is this election stuff made for traders or what? I mean, these primaries are just like the market: The favorites surge (read

George W. Bush

), then pull back. People go bottom-fishing for the underdog (read

Bill Bradley

), then when he ramps up, he's knocked down again. So, if you're a trader, how do you bet now? Me? I like to stick with the deep-in-the-money favorites for the long term. Do you bet against

Cisco Systems





? Right, so while

John McCain

is licking his chops, I'd be doubling down on Bush and selling Bradley short.

Not that I care, really. As long as the new chief can fix the

Woodrow Wilson Bridge

, doesn't kill me on taxes and ensures that the U.S. can still shoot down a few stray scud missiles, I'm a happy man. All of which brings me to this market, and many of you: You're happy right now, aren't you? The market's moving again -- or at least tech is -- and I bet your portfolios are, too. Well, enjoy, enjoy! Remember, I'm the guy who called the


5K by May. But, I'm also the guy who just wrote two columns on shorting. So sue me: I'm Harry Hedger! Now, let's see what some cool chart requests have to say about the market.

The Chartman:


message boards.

Oh, before we begin, a heads-up to all you




JDS Uniphase


fans. See the "" on

Fox News Channel

this weekend if you can! 'Nuf said!

First up is

Premiere Technologies


. Why? Because a) I'm a sucker for anyone who says they follow my girls' swimming progress, and b) I give bonus points if your name happens to be Diana Smith. Well, Dian


sent in a request for Premiere Technologies, nailing "a" and coming so close on "b" that I just couldn't deny her.

Funny, requests for some of the glitter boys of old have dried up to nothing (


Doves, where have you gone?). Still, the





troops are hanging in there, so guys and gals, these are for you.

Can you edge your way into my massive backlog of charts just by being polite? You bet, and Eric Hoberman even went the extra step of labeling his email "a polite request." Eric, I give you points for making me laugh.

My favorite emails? The ones where the reader says, "This request is for my (Mom, Uncle, Niece, etc.) who doesn't know anything about stocks, but really needs some guidance on XYX. Can I trouble you to look at it?" Hah! I love those. I'm also a sucker for them. BP, here's

Minnesota Mining & Mfg.


for you. Whoops, I mean for your uncle!

My least favorite emails? The folks who riddle me with requests every single livelong day, thinking I'm ignoring


specifically. Well, if you haven't learned by now, I ignore


Still, Reader X simply wore me down. Here's



. Now stop bugging me already!

And finally, have I told you I really


like living in the DC area? Trust me, if my wife moves again, it's going to be with a different husband, because this guy isn't budging. And along those lines, I've developed a great affinity for my neighbors in surrounding areas. Reader Gary Sklar hails from Rockville, so I had no choice but to look at his request for




And that, folks, puts a wrap on an important week. A week of grinding, gnashing, second-guessing, sheer joy and dismal despair. That's right, my kids get their report cards today.