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Cramer gives Jeff Berkowitz credit for predicting a likely turnaround in the technology sector.
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crowing. His take that the tech decline stops here looks right because the Street is getting behind

Sun Microsystems

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, the two he flagged last night as the companies that could turn this tech tide around.

Suddenly bids abound for all of

The Stocks Everybody Loves, and tech has a feeling of strength.

What may have changed?

Companies are moving targets. It was obvious to the people who run the conference calls for Sun and Gateway that they had to get it together, be enthusiastic and get the message out. And the message is a simple one: Business is good, Y2K is not a problem, we are optimistic. These calls were like great

Ronald Reagan

speeches. You wanted to take stock for the Gipper!

I hate to do too much kiboshing, but I have worked too many Fridays in the summer -- how come I am never at the beach with everyone else? -- to know that sluggishness will overtake whatever animal spirits, bull or bear, that pervade the market at the opening.

Still, thank Berko for now for spotting that the bearish trend may have been halted by these two polished stories.

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