Maybe the tech buyers just don't care. Maybe they had made up their mind to buy and it didn't matter what the data showed.

Yesterday seemed almost scripted to me. I think there were some big pools of money that simply had made up their minds that it was now or never -- and, regardless of whether the market went down or up on the macro data, they were going to buy.

I saw it early on in premarket trading, where there were tremendous institutional buyers "underneath" the market waiting, just waiting, for the market to fall.

When it fell, they pounced. And then when the market stopped falling, these buyers got more aggressive. I don't think they gave a darn about the economic numbers and simply felt it was time to make the move.

So many of you felt befuddled by the action. That's right. You should be. But those with a game plan, including many with big capital, executed that game plan. You saw that game plan put to work yesterday.

And that's why stocks went up.

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