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So what's the big deal?

It was a week of quiet shuffling in the tech executive ranks. No need to get everybody all riled up. Keep the party hats tucked in the desk. Let's just get all this stuff over with quickly and on the hush-hush.

Call me da chairman


Ellen Hancock

cemented her backside on the throne at


( EXDS) this week, silently adding "chairman" to her title and dropping that sad little "president" number she started with. Ex-


royalty. Her crowning overshadowed the departure of outgoing chairman and Exodus founder

K.B. "Chandra" Chandrasekhar

. Chandrasekhar is CEO and chairman of start-up


, a Web-based IT services and applications outsourcer, and owns 8.4% of Exodus, compared with Hancock's 2% stake.

Also purged from the Hancock court are compensation committee members Frederick W.W. Bolander and Peter A. Howley, who had both been on the board for four years. Bolander had a decent 16,400 shares, while Howley has 491,000 shares at his disposal -- according to May SEC filings. Howley is working on start-up



Bring in the new courtiers! Pledging their loyalty, former


Chairman Bill Krause, University of California-Berkeley Haas Business School President Laura D'Andrea Tyson and Dirk.Stuurop, chairman of

Merrill Lynch's

Global Financial Institutions group, fill the three empty spots.

Booby prize



(INSW) - Get Report

gave President Mark Guthrie a slap on the back as it was giving 40% of the employees the shaft. Guthrie grabs the COO title to accompany his president role and has the honor of moving company headquarters from Silicon Valley to Sacramento, Calif., this summer. Meanwhile, InsWeb offered up a serious morale booster by saying it will lay off 40% of its staff in the next two quarters as part of a series of measures to "increase recurring revenues, boost operating efficiencies, achieve greater control and predictability of the business and enhance the consumer experience." So much for that rip-roaring company picnic.

Good God, they sell propane

: Another


(T) - Get Report

bellhead jumped at the opportunity to get into the utility game. Paul R. Lewis hangs up his hat as general manager of the IBM Global Services Consulting Group for a chance to sell heating oil, electricity, phone and wireless services to small businesses as CEO of

. Yes, I said heating oil.

Safe haven

: John Wyatt jumped from the president slot of the e-business segment at


(MSTR) - Get Report

just as the sky was begging to rain down flaming bricks and class-action suits. To put a happily-ever-after on his March 27 move to the president and COO jobs at XML e-commerce software developer


, after less than three months on the prowl, Wyatt will take over the CEO spot from OneSoft founder James MacIntyre IV.

Get those options while they're cold


Eric Tilenius

is kicking his feet back off the table and saying goodbye to the glamorous life of a

Mayfield Fund

entrepreneur in residence.


( NCNT) founder Tilenius will get scrappy as CEO of


, an online information service that just closed a $28 million second round.

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