Talking 'Bout That Net Generation

These new investors don't care about the economic data -- and the trader says, more power to 'em.
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"Don't bother me with that purchasing managers garbage -- I'm busy buying the Net!"

Yep, a whole new generation just doesn't give a darn about stuff that used to tar and stuff the market with impunity. At our shop we immediately hit our bids in banks when we see a number like the strong purchasing managers report that came out moments ago. But the Net? No way!

Those stocks don't skip a beat on this macro stuff. In fact, the people who trade these stocks probably think the purchasing managers thing is no different from M-1, which is no different from the GDP deflator or a lot of other doodads that use to control trading for us old codgers.

Economists better go get themselves real jobs. The new generation just doesn't care about this stuff. I love it!

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