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Taking Stock of the Situation

Cramer's looking for a squeeze up because he likes the premarket action and the raft of canceled deals.
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Are we back to where we were before the eBay (EBAY) outage wrecked the Net?

Are we transported back to last Friday morning? Sure seems like it. We have a rosy tech feeling courtesy of



. We have some good personal-computer pin action. You have to like the premarket action.

And we have some great news: The calendar is being freed from its dot-com chains. People are canceling deals left and right.

Feels good.

I am not going nuts to the upside. But I did wake up my partner,

Jeff Berkowitz

, to tell him our bottom call yesterday looked spot on and that I wanted to get a little longer. I ticked off all of the canceled deals. We were thrilled!

He reminded me that bonds have been the problem -- not stocks -- and that the productivity numbers last week stunk. I countered by saying, "That may be in the bonds."

Talk about the big issue!

Anyway, we are taking stock, looking for a squeeze up here, if only because, boy, were people too negative.

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