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According to the Stock Traders Almanac, June 6 is a bearish day, because the S&P 500 Index has fallen 60% or more of the time on this day during the last 21 years. 

Today's top picks are Celldex Therapeutics (CLDX) - Get Report, Ocwen Financial (OCN) - Get Report and Scorpio Tankers (STNG) - Get Report.

1. First, let's look at biopharmaceutical company Celldex, which had a bullish day on Thursday, trading up 12.6% to close at $15.15.

  • Thursday's range: 13.58 - 15.93
  • 52-week range: 10.76 - 38.84
  • Thursday's volume: 5,692,314
  • Three-month average volume: 2,752,370

Celldex has formed a rounded-bottom breakout, and yesterday, it closed over the 50-day simple moving average. Plus, there was double the average volume on the breakout with lots of buying pressure.

At $12, it found some strong resistance, and so watch for it to break above that level today. Oftentimes when a stock has a large day like Celldex had yesterday, there will be a pullback the following day. That would offer traders a better entry level. 

I'd look for an entry anywhere above the 34-day exponential moving average at $14.60. I'd set my stop at about $12.91, which is below the lows of the last few days.

This chart is also forming a rising method, which is a multi-day candlestick signal, and is very bullish. If you squint your eyes and stand back from this chart, there's almost two rising methods in a row, and so look for the bullish break today. 

My first target would be the 200-day simple moving average at $23.10, which is over 52% to the upside.

If this trade goes to the 200-day SMA during the next few weeks, that would mean huge gains. That is why I love the rounded-bottom breakout.

I've learned to let the trade work, let it pull back and wait for confirmation to exit the trade. Stay long until you see a sell signal, or a close below the t-line.

2. Next, let's look at mortgage lender Ocwen Financial.

Ocwen traded up 1.55% yesterday to $36.71 per share.

  • Thursday's range: 36.14 - 36.99
  • 52-week range: 31.31 - 60.18
  • Thursday's volume: 2,430,183
  • Three-month average volume: 2,585,140

Ocwen is also a rounded-bottom breakout. Shares have traded positive since reaching the 52-week low on May 8, up 17% since then.

On May 8, the chart formed a bullish engulfing signal at support, a bullish reversal signal that has been confirmed over and over. There is resistance at $37.99, $40.22, $42 and again at about $43.22, and so watch for a little consolidation, or a pullback at those levels.

Let the chart do its thing, and before exiting, ask yourself would you buy at this level. That is a good practice with any chart.

I'd set my stop at $34.54, but do as you feel comfortable. I would have my first target be the 200-day simple moving average at $46.88, which is 27% to the upside.

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I'm fine with 10% gains, and so don't be afraid to take profits at 5% or 10% gains -- -after all we trade to make money, not to be greedy.

I would enter this trade on any strength, and look for an entry above the 50-day simple moving average.   

Stay long until you see a confirmed sell signal, or a close below the t-line that has confirmed.  

3. Lastly, let's look at oil tanker company Scorpio Tankers.

Scorpio traded up 1.21% yesterday to close at $9.20 per share.

  • Thursday's range: 8.99 - 9.20
  • 52-week range: 8.23 - 12.48
  • Thursday's volume: 849,928
  • Three-month average volume: 1,209,030

Scorpio is also a rounded-bottom breakout. I love it when a company has a ticker that makes me chuckle, but don't use that as a criteria for trading it.

On Thursday, shares closed over the 50-day simple moving average, signaling a buy, but let's wait for confirmation this morning.

This chart has been trading sideways for two months, and so watch for positive trading this morning and look for increased volume now that it is trading over the 50. I would look for an entry above the 50 to as low as yesterday's low of $8.99.

The moving averages are in a squeeze right now, and this doesn't occur for too long, and so again look for the break.

Like with all rounded-bottom breakouts, I target the 200-day simple moving average, which is at $10.22. There is about 11% upside potential to the 200-day SMA.

There is overhead resistance at $9.39, $9.74 and then again at about $10 before the 200-day SMA, and so let the trade work through these levels. I'd set a stop at about $8.81, which is roughly at the bottom of the sideways trading channel. 

Stay long until you see a confirmed sell signal, or a close below the t-line that has confirmed.  

Good luck traders, as luck favors the prepared.

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