Surviving Another Intel October

Cramer says that even though some October quarters have been broken by Intel, you have to focus on the other names, too. Have your say on our message board.
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Tension touches us today. It reaches into us as it does every


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October. How big can we be? Can we leverage it with calls? What if the company isn't positive enough? What if it runs too much because of



? What if



says something great and Intel is great, will we be long enough?

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Message Boards. We just got out of our morning meeting and


knew I was on edge. He had to remind me that every Intel October is like this, every one. There is always a sense of make-or-break to an earnings season and so often, as is this case, the make or break is the giant chipmaker.

There have been Octobers where my quarter was made by what Intel said. There have been October quarters that have been broken by Intel. It is almost impossible to concentrate on anything else.

But we force ourselves to focus on the more obscure names. No one has an edge on Intel. No one. This is not one of those cases where the big guys have a better call than the small guys, that the insiders have blabbed and the friends of Intel have the call.

Nobody has it. Which is why I love this game.

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