Here's the second half of the trader survey, with Gary's answers.


Take profits too quickly?

See above on "letting profits run." I like to think I take them neither too quickly nor too slowly, but rather at the appropriate time to maximize return



Lack patience?

I'm like a recovering alcoholic, I'm afraid. I can be so good for so long, and then one trip to the quote screen, and I'm in the midst of a three-day bender!

Get whipsawed too often?

I do get whipsawed. Everyone gets whipsawed. But, that's trading, and I'm fairly certain not method-specific. It's also a "highlight" of this recent market. Nothing we can do about it other than sit out.

Influenced by


, other traders, chat rooms, etc.?

I have a secret crush on many of the


women, starting with Liz Claman at 6 a.m. But my


viewing is pretty much limited from 6 a.m. until 6:08 a.m. (it takes me that long to make the bed!). Other than that, no TV, no chat rooms, no message boards, no nothing. Boy, I really miss those things. Not!

Can't cut losses quickly?

I'll tell you, if I didn't have hard stops on the books, I'd be broke. A man's gotta know not only his weaknesses, but how to correct them. This was something I learned early on, thankfully.

Do too many trades a day?

As above, I like to think I do the optimal amount of trades per day, limited rather by quality than quantity. For the record, though, I think the most longs I ever did was 39; the most shorts, 22.

Do too few trades a day?

Ah, now here's a GBS flaw, ironically, and I will confess: Sometimes the market psyches me out, particularly on the downside. You see, what happens is that I've seen so many snap-back rallies, that in the back of my mind, I figure that after about three big down days in a row, we're due for a ramp-up. So, if I have say 12 shorts to do on day No. 4, I might just pass, thinking I'll get nailed. But, what happens? You guessed it: eight of the 12 would still be winners, no matter what the market does! I need to work in this area for sure!

Get emotionally involved?

I wish I was an iceman. But, if you look at the quote screen, it's like watching the home team. Shoot, I didn't watch


play at all this year until the


. But, I turn them on for five minutes, and I find myself screaming at Shane Battier to box out!

Same thing with my trades, as I swear up and down based on every good and bad tick. Does it help? Of course not. Is it good for the blood pressure? Of course not. Is it a complete waste of time? Duh.

So, a pretty neat little snap shot, and some key items for me to work on: Stop watching intraday quotes, take


good trades, regardless of what I think the market will do, and show a little patience even if a trade turns against me. All in all, not great, but not bad, either.

Now, you do the same. Really. Actually spend a few minutes writing down your answers, as nothing crystallizes your thoughts like putting pen to paper. I think you'll find the results very interesting.

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