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Almost a third of those who work or used to work on Wall Street want to leave it behind for good -- at least according to a survey of finance pros released by a jobs Web site Thursday.

The poll, conducted by eFinancialCareers, indicated that 31% of both current and recently former Wall Streeters (or those laid off during the recession) are either seeking jobs outside high finance or won't be returning to the trade once the economy rebounds.

Perhaps counter-intuitively, 40% of those taking flight cited too-low pay as the main reason behind their change of heart. According to the survey, "That group says the shrinking compensation is just not worth the amount of work."

Of the rest of the group saying goodbye to the Street, 31% said they liked their non-Wall Street gigs better, 22% said they wanted to avoid the risk of getting laid off again and another 7% said they would find the tighter compliance too frustrating.

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