Surfacing for the Free Shot

The options hangover is forcing the market to find a more natural equilibrium.
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Bit of an options hangover here. That's where last week's futures press the market up (see numerous articles last week) and now the market is trying to find a more natural, lower equilibrium.

How is it manifested? You get people who came in long some stocks through exercising calls (like me, as I exercised everything) so we could take the free shot to the upside.

For example, if you exercised the


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July 65 calls for a bet on today's action, you might have flipped the stock out. Same with

Sun Micro

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and a bunch of other stocks that finished at the strike but had no news today.

These free-shot people -- and there are thousands upon thousands of them -- always surface after a big, strong week like the one we had last week. It is harmless, and I would not pronounce the weakness major.

Random musings:







curse (meaning my buys from last week) continues to haunt us. We are waiting 10 points on both before we buy any more.

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