Is it starting to get warm where you are? It sure is here in little ol' Bethesda. Why, it was just a week ago I had the heat on. And just last night, the air conditioning. In fact, in only four short weeks, the kids have their first


swim meet.

So, summer is right around the corner, and things are heating up. Keep in mind, though, the May to October time frame is


a historically hot time for the market. In fact, if you sit out the summer and fall each year, you're normally ahead of the market. In some years, far ahead.

Will that play out again? I haven't a clue!

However, I do have a clue about the charts below. Not any great clues, of course, but clues nonetheless. Just email my aide,

Alicia Silverstone

, at She will forward all interesting requests directly to me.

Make or Break Time For GE

Gary: How about a look at General Electric (GE) - Get Report? This stalwart seems to be having problems cracking the 160 level and staying there. -- Bob Morris

Will Terra Networks Seek Terra Firma?

Gary: What's happening with Terra Networks (TRRA) , especially with the lockups looming on May 12. -- David Peck

Excellent Question

Gary: From a technical analysis standpoint, how do you attempt to filter the charts with outside information, such as, oh, say the Soros Effect, on the market for the last (at least) month? When a $20 billion group throws money at a sector, loses $5 billion in less than 30 days, and kills every rally before it can sprout (in effect, having the house change the rules of the game), don't you have to somehow filter your chart analysis through that? Just wondering. -- Jim Freyer


You raise a good question, and one asked quite often. That is, how do I incorporate outside events, particularly extreme outside events, into my charting? And the answer is, I don't.

Two reasons behind that. One, how would I make the cut of which outside events to include? OK, I discount Soros' selling. But, what about the next cut-down of hedge funds? How and where would I draw the line?

The second reason is that even if I could draw a line, what exactly would I do with that info? Assume the charts are


broken, and that prices are 10% higher than current? Do I assume tech is not broken, but drugs are?

Really, when you start trying to incorporate


outside events, as well as fundamentals into your charts, you really muck up the process and probably add nothing to your analysis.


Seeking a Second Opinion

Gary: Could you give me your take on Sun Microsystems (SUNW) - Get Report? It looks like it wants to go up, but like going to the doctor, I want a second opinion. -- Phil Sharlet

The Declining Volume Death-Knell

Gary: Would appreciate your take on Safeguard Scientifics (SFE) - Get Report. -- Mike Cotton

No Gold in Goldman

Gary: How about looking at a chart of Goldman Sachs. It's off the highs of March. Is there trouble ahead for this investment banker? -- Richard Lee

The Exodus from Exodus

Gary: Enjoyed your review on Saturday, will you consider a review of Exodus (EXDS) in the near future? Given the wild ride and volatility, I would appreciate a technical analysis perspective. -- Dave Degen

Nice Breakout!

Gary: I have put money into NBTY Nature's Bounty Inc. (NBTY) , and am interested in the pattern/volume analysis and if it would meet your criteria. -- Winfield Henry

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