Remember how shattered people felt about


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? OK, now hit up







These are painful events. People own these stocks. They represent plays on storage and the Net. They are good news only for



, which a number of numbskulls told me was going to buy Legato.

Hah! Take that, you rumormongers. Worse luck next time. We wash our car with an EMC sponge by the way. Which is like our


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What does the average Legato guy do? Maybe he takes a hard look at


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. He says: It already blew up; its management is heavily motivated to get the stock back up (got that from reading today's "Heard on the Street" column) and its risk profile has been "readjusted" by bad news.

I know, Crest doesn't have the pizazz of WindChill or GEMS SmartMedia, to name two products I wish I had never heard about from Parametric and Legato, respectively. But on days like today, I have a pizazz overload.

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