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Strategies For a Slow Spring

What do you do when nothing's moving, not even the Nets?

Is it just me, or is this market in molasses mode? Longs not moving. Shorts not moving. Not even the Nets are moving. The other tip off: My picks are drying up on both sides, leaving me with little to do but sit here and tread water. Guess it's time to revisit some of those sideways strategies!

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Tea Leaves Say Patience

How about Macromedia (MACR) ? The company is reporting earnings on May 5, and I am expecting a fairly decent upside surprise. How do you read the tea leaves in its chart? A number of folks I work with consider Macromedia's products (especially its Dreamweaver Web design tool) to be superb. -- Will Mueller

PC Sellers Break Out

There is a group of stocks that has developed similar chart patterns on which I would appreciate your advice. The direct computer sellers, CDW Computer (CDWC) , Micro Warehouse (MWHS) and Insight Enterprises (NSIT) - Get Insight Enterprises Inc. Report, all look similar in that they have broken up from a bottom. I would like to know if the chart and entry points look OK. I would like to keep these for a double-GBS or 10 %. -- Luis Mendez

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BVSN Presents Clear View

What does your technical analysis for Broadvision (BVSN) - Get BroadVision Inc. Report reveal? -- Bill Park

High Volume No Problem

On April 23 I entered a position in Unimed (UMED) at 6 7/8. After moving up slowly on very heavy volume it appears to have begun a pullback. Normally I would not be concerned, but it seems that UMED's volume just keeps growing! Do you consider this a foreboding development? I do have a stop at 5 3/4 but am curious as to your valued opinion. -- Kenneth Haimila Jr.

Car Problems

What are your thoughts on AutoNation (AN) - Get AutoNation Inc. Report? This stock is in the doldrums. Will we ever see it return to its high? -- John Belletti

FGI Fighting Resistance

Friede Goldmanundefined had a nice breakout in recent days. Would you offer your comment on it? -- Wendy Zhao

Prayer Time

I'm losing my shirt in Iridium (IRID) . Should I bail now or pray for a miracle? -- Steve Chen

NOOF: No Problemo

I'm sitting on a nice profit on New Frontier (NOOF) , which has had a sudden drop in share volume with no movement. It's at a new high with earnings reporting at the end of the month. Do you interpret this chart as bullish? -- Stuart Scolnik