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It's happening again. Someone is making you some money on this site. And that someone is, again, Jim Seymour. I pulled my partner, Berko, and Matt "Mobile Communications" Jacobs out of their respective Robbie Stephens meetings -- using our Research In Motion (RIMM) pagers, of course -- to get them to read it and to come back with thoughts.

This series of Seymour's is

spot on, so good, in fact that I am afraid that you will miss it if I don't point it out and you won't have a chance to cash in. It reminds me of that great series going into 1999 where Seymour introduced a whole host of companies that contributed mightily to my hedge fund's performance last year.

It is the ideal companion piece to my

speech about Web infrastructure.

These stocks are all in the sweet spot.

Oh, by the way, after the West Coast version of

Cramer Berkowitz

devoured Seymour's article, they checked off, saying that they hear these businesses are smoking.

Nice to have mutual confirmation.

Random musings:

I bumped into some readers this afternoon who hadn't filled out the

brokerage survey. Losers. One of them had even griped to me about their broker. What is the point of griping or praising the broker's performance to me? Tell it to the site. ... Saying goodbye to



. Thanks, Dale, you are a gem!

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