The following stocks were recently the 10 most-searched on

Bank of America

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led the stock-search list as two more

Merrill Lynch

veterans abandoned ship.

The banking giant continues to see brokerage personnel walk out the door. It will become more difficult for banks receiving TARP money to retain highly paid employees as the


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bonus fallout stays in the headlines.

AIG is also in the Top 10 list. The poster child for financial wrongdoing was once again in the hot seat as

Congress grilled

Federal Reserve

Chairman Ben Bernanke and Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner about their involvement in



JPMorgan Chase

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is one of the banks that seem to have the strength to consider returning TARP money. Word is that

Goldman Sachs

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still wants to give back its TARP money, setting an example for

JPMorgan and others



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, which topped

yesterday's list

, was still being heavily searched today as Geithner testified that he thought that the government should have more power when it came to troubled financial companies.

FINRA fined former


units $1.1 million for failing to provide customers required notifications. The bank was purchased last year by

Wells Fargo

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General Electric

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defied a Moody's downgrade and continued to

perform positively

as other financial names took a pause.

On the energy side,

Nordic American Tanker Shipping

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gained readers' interest after Cramer interviewed the company's CEO on his "Mad Money" show

With oil trading above $50 a barrel, major oil companies such as

Exxon Mobil

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are heating up.

Rumors keep swirling around about

Sun Microsystems


merging with


even though it looks as if

Red Hat



are the latest merger whisper.

Finally, Top 10 favorite


(AAPL) - Get Report

may join the mini-computer market, which would signal

a major shift for the company