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Still Room at the Top

Cramer notes that October is almost through and that November will be a month with the Fed out of the picture -- surely a good month.
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Never thought I would say this, but I am hoping


hits the market so I can get in there and do more buying.

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was super. And why not? Nothing has changed from when the company said it was bullish. What's the symbol for Intel tomorrow? Try SQZE!

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can be contained to that daffy world where Jeffrey dollars rule, and the financials continued the parade. I had to step out to be on a panel with my friend

Andy Kessler

at a

presentation, and I will fill you in over the weekend about the consensus we formed there.

It was tough to hold on to stock in that last half-hour, still another good sign that there is room at the top.

And most important, October is almost through and we can see November -- and a November with the

Federal Reserve

out of the picture is a good November indeed.

Random musings:

Don't forget to watch "Fox & Friends" on

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tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. EDT. I'll do a lightning round of buy, sell and hold recommendations -- and the producers don't tell me in advance which stocks they're going ask about. In my business, that's a high-wire act with no net. But I, of course, love it.

And we will wrap up this wild week by hashing out things on our show, "" Remember, if you don't watch the show on Saturday morning, I'll be disappointed. Plus, if you don't watch, you won't enjoy the discussion about the show on the message boards over the weekend. Like always, I will be haunting the boards!

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