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Still in No Man's Land

Things aren't all bad, but Cramer still acknowledges that it's a crummy up day while the bonds are plunging.
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What a crummy up 50 day this is! You have the bonds plunging through that key 98 level. You have Lexmark (LXK) stinking up the works. But the drug index, DRG, and the bank index, BKX, are up, so things aren't all bad.

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Message Boards. On days like today, we like to sit back and see what is working. The strength in the foods and the drugs makes our thesis feel comfortable.

Our pro-aerospace bet is still working.

In the meantime, we are waiting to see if Lexmark can talk its stock back up again on its 11:30 conference call. Dicey.

We are still in no man's land.

I hate no man's land. The machine guns and the barbed wire really start getting to you after a while.

Random musings:

Jim Seymour

with a fabulous Web

piece that serves as a good counterpoint to some of my stuff. ... Over the weekend, a number of you emailed me and said that you hope our analyst ratings will take into account good and bad calls. You bet it will. I am still reeling from the negative spin

The New York Times

put on our attempt to have great rankings. We have worked to develop a way to rate analysts that does not get skewed by big money that knows little, that is too susceptible to who is nice.

We have hired these wonderful people from

Institutional Investor

who know how to do it but were not able to do it right with


because of magazine nontechnology. Everyone in the institutional business knows this is big news. Pathetic how the old media is so anxious to see us fail. Makes me want to puke.

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