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Sticking With Old Tech

Drug stocks are highly sensitive to dips in the bonds and the NAPM report. The trader prefers old tech.
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Nasty reversal in these drug stocks. I saw



being taken at $73.5 earlier today and was kicking myself that I wasn't long the darn thing.

Now it looks like the people who paid $73.5 are doing the kicking! As I said this morning in my rundown, I am sticking with old tech. One reason I am doing so is that it's a lot easier not having to worry about the bonds when you are trading tech than when you are trading the drugs. The strong BMY trades, which now have to be regarded as head fakes, came when the bonds were rallying. As soon as the bonds tanked, BMY did, too.



-tech excluded, doesn't have as close a correlation so you can breathe slightly easier when the bond futures reverse. A surprise too-strong


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number clocked the drugs, but not tech. In the meantime, the

Red Hot

index breaks out into the positive. Again, I think that has to do with the pack mentality of the mutual funds more than anything having to do with the bonds.




continues to be "volatile," brokerspeak for "it keeps going down!"

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