People write me all the time saying that Herb Greenberg is too negative. They should stop writing -- they're wasting their breath.

This morning

CHS Electronics


blew up. Last week

Party City

(PCTY) - Get Report

blew up. The week before

Family Golf Centers


blew up. The week before that


(DELL) - Get Report

took a big hit.

I might have been in any one of these if Greenberg hadn't written these cautionary columns. If

had ONLY Greenberg I would subscribe just to avoid one of these blow-ups. A blow-up knocks you out of the game. It hurts your record. It kills your performance.

I use Greenberg like I use insurance. I hope that I don't need it. I hope that I am not involved in one of the names he highlights. I know Greenberg has no ax to grind. He doesn't own or short stocks.

But he does flag some real losers. And sometimes that's all you need.

Everybody on the Street told me Greenberg was full of it when his column questioned CHS. But they said the same about Party City and Dell.

Maybe I gotta stop listening to everybody and read the site more.

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