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In a stunning example of science telling us something we already know,

a new study

finds that bad management may be bad for your heart.

The BCC reports that, "A Swedish team found a strong link between poor leadership and the risk of serious heart disease and heart attacks among more than 3,000 employed men."

The study found that people with lousy managers had higher stress, were more likely to smoke and suffer from high blood pressure, particularly when they were yelled at.

"The staff who deemed their senior managers to be the least competent had a 25% higher risk of a serious heart problem. And those working for what was classed as a long time -- four years or more -- had a 64% higher risk," the BCC reports, citing the study, which was originally published in

Occupational and Environmental Medicine

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We were there


, of course. But it's always nice to see science catch up with reality a little bit.

Now get back to work, you lazy slugs!!

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