Standing Up for Tech

Cramer is perusing the charts for the big broken techs, and thinks he's found a key technical level.
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thinks we make a stand here.

Sun Microsystems

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was good enough, and orders were strong enough, that there is nary an excuse to sell that one.



, also, had good earnings, good controls and isn't going to do something foolish in the ISP sector.

Jeff thinks those two stocks could cause a stand to be made in tech. I found myself perusing the stock charts for the big broken ones, the


(IBM) - Get Report

, and sure enough this looks like a technical place to make a home.

I don't know if these two can get us out of that

spin cycle I alluded to earlier, but at least we have the ammo that we couldn't get from the likes of those companies that reported today.

Random musings:



guy draws a blank ... Bank strength kept us puzzling all day ... We got spooked but not spooked out of



, as this stock fit that new pattern of great quarter, so what.

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