Standing By the Drug Stocks

The market's selling them, but Cramer's not.
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blockbuster drug gets killed on top of


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blockbuster drug bust. Suddenly the drugs have pipeline problems, and the market is selling them all.

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I am not selling. I bought some of these last week, and I feel good that these are a great place to be between now and year-end. The "guilt by association" that is running through the drugs today seems wrong-headed to me. Elan is not


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. SmithKline is not




I am simply sticking bids in below. I am not getting aggressive because the bond market, which correlates well with drugs, still is not giving you the signal that the drugs are safe to be in.

This is a tough tape. What has momentum one week quickly loses it the next. Last week the drugs and the banks had the momentum. Now both are losing it.

I am taking advantage of it with the drug stocks. I think the banks still have further to fall after the takeover run-up Friday. But those remain of solid interest to me at lower levels.

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Bunch of readers complaining that I

wasn't nice to

Robert Rubin

. All I can say is that Rubin would have made the same judgment when he was running stocks at

Goldman Sachs

. ... Another reader suggests that we do a poll on who is the most-hated


governor. Lot of competition for that title. ... Some people still giving me a hard time for saying I would look at


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because of


recommendation. Excuse me, but Bob is a superior performer in a business where I think, if you have been a serious performer, it matters. I like to buy things that good managers say are good. But good managers make mistakes, too, and I am willing to cut Olstein slack because he has beaten the market more years than most managers have been alive!

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