) -- Just a week after the

fiery demise



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are set to test the tablet market with two new


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Android models.

Sony will launch sales of the S1, its 9.4-inch Sony Tablet S tablet, in early September, according to gadget review site


The slightly wedge-shaped device was

first introduced in April

and is expected to run Android's Honeycomb software.

HTC, too, is close to adding its own tablet to the bonfire. According to


, HTC has a 4G LTE tablet called Puccini, which is headed to


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The double dose of Android tablets from Sony and HTC follow a string of flops and failures by HP,

Research In Motion


(PlayBook) and


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(Xoom). Even though some of the best gadget shops have offered sleek, powerful devices, nothing yet has been able to derail the overwhelming success of


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Sony is pinning its hopes for the S1 tablet on a bundle of services that come with the device, including its PlayStation Network and "unlimited" music and videos. The idea is that Sony's media and gaming strength can compete favorably with Apple's iTunes franchise.

Sony, however, has had almost no luck in tablets to date. An earlier tablet device called the Dash had a short, unsuccessful run last year.

Similarly, HTC has been less than grand in its tablet business. The company launched a 7-inch tablet called the Flyer earlier this year, which currently sells for $500.

The new HTC Puccini, loaded with a 4G LTE chip for AT&T's network, will attempt to stand out as a faster, more capable device. But given that Ma Bell has only just started to expanded its LTE network and is not expected to be complete until 2013, Puccini's appeal could be limited.

Not everything is working in Apple's favor though. Last week, Apple had to scratch its HD iPad for the holidays. The device promised to deliver a higher screen resolution and better camera. More importantly, it was expected to be a luxury tablet that would attract higher spending customers and iPad upgraders.

One lesson Sony and HTC can take from the HP TouchPad fiasco: there is a big demand for tablets at certain prices. Unfortunately, those would be firesale prices.

--Written by Scott Moritz in New York.To contact this writer, click here: Scott Moritz, or email: Scott on Twitter at MoritzDispatch