Someone Hit It Outta the Park Today

Whoever did it, she was waiting for NDX 2880 to make her big swing.
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The bulls get to win a session. I think they won because of the massive capitulation we saw from real mutual funds. When the selling ended, midday, the market flew.

I can't point to any one thing in particular that caused the ramp. Six straight days down on the


? The collective

maiden-in-the-volcano-throwing that went all over the Street? The strength of the financials, which heartens the bulls like nothing else because it signals an end to inflation worries?

Or perhaps enough was enough, the NDX had gotten to some level where fresh cash was committed.

For someone, NDX 2880 was the big fat pitch she was waiting for. For someone, someone shrewd, who had the bat on her shoulder (Come on man, I got girls likin' T-ball!!) -- the moment to swing came and the ball was last seen hitting the big Ballantine sign on the scoreboard. Or maybe Goldenberg's Peanut Chews, if she was a righty.


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