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Just when we thought that nobody cares about good news we see a host of stocks rallying on good news.

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, which I am long, dispels the Taiwan Earthquake factor and rallies. I already mentioned that


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really gave a great call this morning.


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actually had pin action that spilled to




Against those positive signs is the horror of


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. These are good solid companies that I would think would bounce, at least at some point. But Xerox has defined the water torture of bad selling and Unisys is a freight train that rolls over you, goes back in reverse and rolls over you again.

The pain of Xerox-Unisys and the pleasure of Boeing-Apple can't stand in the same place at once. The bonds will break that logjam. I have bought bonds today and yesterday thinking that they are oversold. I have a 97 and a half average on the long bond.

I am not sweating that position, though, because it is entirely unleveraged and I have a lot of room to buy more if the

Padinha scenario breaks out. (I obviously don't think it will or I would buy none of them, but I respect his work and haven't gone whole hog yet because he will create a more exquisite buying opportunity at 8:31 a.m. tomorrow.)

Random musings: The vicious "Hate-Cramer" bears aren't attacking me that hard today. Guess that Dow Jones has pinned their tongues to the roofs of their mouths, perhaps with rusty tetanus-bathed carpet tacks?

Hoo-hah ... I am going home long some



, oooh, oooh -- guess that's like jumping out of a 747 with no parachute to some of you, but a parachute wouldn't matter much bailing out of a jet anyway. Probably just get sucked into one of those

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