Something for everybody. Gateway (GTW) and Sun (SUNW) - Get Report went up on good news, refuting the perceived wisdom that nothing heads north on good news. But the bears have to be gratified by that simply awful advance-decline line. And the disheartening action in the banks would warm even a polar bear's heart.

This closing tech rally felt like the end of some big


index sell, something that happens a great deal when we cross these different bond thresholds. In other words, when interest rates reach a quarter-point milestone -- in this case, 6% -- you get people selling stocks and buying bonds.

We also had some shorts taking profits after an ugly S&P week.

Internally, my partner,


, got his tech rally, but I will be walking around with the



millstone around my neck all weekend. See if you can spot it on "" TV show. And don't forget, I am willing to give behind-the-scenes insights at a

special 2 p.m. Sunday chat.

That noise you will be hearing in the background, if you tune in, will be my wife screaming at me for working on


on a Sunday.

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