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Some Fed Thoughts

Cramer doesn't want to outthink what's going on in the market.
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Oh, boy, this


thing has me shaking. I guess I have to sell a ton if it does 25 basis points and a weenie statement. I will have to jettison the whole shooting match with 50 basis points and a meanie statement.

But 50 basis points and a sweet statement, and I am supposed to buy stocks. Or is it sell them? Or is it do nothing? Or is it double down on a great statement and 25?

You get the point. This stuff has gotten ridiculous. If the Fed tightens, it's OK. If it doesn't and we get some strong numbers a week or two from now, we will get hit.

Statement? Oh, I don't know. It beats the heck out of me.

I would view a selloff as a gift to get in for the shares I like. Beyond that, I don't want to outthink it.

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Kind of ticks me off.

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