Soft Goods Go Soft

Cramer has found where inflation's hitting. And he's buying pulp and paper to seize the opportunity here.
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Looks like we finally found out where the inflation is hitting: the buyers of pulp and paper and fuel. This


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call was dreadful and a real sandbagging -- as well as a massive eye-opener.

The rising costs of fuel (oil at $30 does matter!) and pulp and paper --

International Paper

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anyone? -- have knocked off millions from the bottom line of PG. The Street will go from loving it to hating it this a.m. The transition will be brutal.

Me, I am thinking opportunity. I am adding to my pulp and paper positions as this call verified that the long-awaited price increases are sticking. And I am continuing to stay away from the


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and the rest of the soft-goods guys. Maybe even buy some



puts, the puts on the

Morgan Stanley

index for consumer stocks.

No wonder


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didn't go up after


said it was in talks to be acquired by P&G yesterday. It was total fiction! Hoo-hah!

Random musings:

Good call on KMB by me

yesterday. No one else will point it out.

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