Things I am sick of hearing and what they really mean when you hear them:

"The breadth of the market is frighteningly narrow."

That means

: "I am in the wrong stocks, and believe me, if the market doesn't get cracked soon, I'm history."

"This dot-com craziness can't last forever."

That means

: "Be darned if I am going to learn these new stocks because I am busy sitting with

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"The market is extremely overvalued."

That means

: "I am unwilling to do the homework to be in the hot stocks, especially because they trade in bizarre increments."

"The market shouldn't be going up because the bonds keep going down."

That means

: "I am using traditional measurements that kept me out of all of the stocks that went up and kept me into a bunch of losers."

"The transports kept me out of this market because of their bad performance."

That means

: "I am really scraping the bottom of the excuse barrel now."

"I don't know when this is going to end, but it is going to end badly."

That means

: "I am going to get canned for missing the

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