Ah, come on. Somebody get scared by that patent



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filed against



. Somebody downgrade the darn thing. Somebody panic and think that this suit will cost EMC a penny or two.

Either things have gotten


bullish, or the world has gotten so jaded about the dubious nature of law suits, but nobody even freaks out any more when these get filed. Two years ago, EMC would have still been delayed. Some analysts would have offered some sort of cautionary comments.

Mike Ruettgers

-- I am wearing your pin Mike, relax! -- would have hosted a conference call or two to stave off the slide. The EMC press release machine would have been going full tilt. And we would have been buying EMC hand over fist. Now they won't even let us in.

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Can you blame the owners? Think about the bozos who sold

Mister Softee

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at 85 because Joel Klein won a round in a marathon court battle. If that didn't keep a stock on the canvas, how will this hurt a guy? Darn. I don't even know if

Gary B. Smith

can hurt a hot stock these days.

Random musings

: Sneak preview of our

show this weekend. I can tell you, this is one for the hall of fame. It's stratospheric. Even Cramer detractors who don't believe I answer my email and think I don't exist will know this is the real deal.

(If I buy a


will they stop running that commercial already? And does anybody miss those joker toasters for

Money Magazine


Perot Systems

? Oops. Maybe that's wrong. Oh well.)

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