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So Much for a Quiet Day

A plunging bond market sends stocks tumbling, leaving everyone in a bad mood.
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So much for a quiet day; I didn't count on a bum two-year auction and a total lack of buyers based on the poor bond market. Looks like we are back in that manic-depressive mindset.

All I can tell you is that we walked out of the office feeling terrible about our buys in the last hour, but that the only pattern in these markets is that there is no pattern! I just finished the chat on

America Online


and was running down things with Jeff Berkowitz and we both felt the same: it comes down to the bonds. If the bonds firm, what we bought -- banks, telco, drugs -- will look great. If the bonds keep going down in price -- up in yield -- then the buys will look not so hot.

We always try to create a world view on bonds internally, precisely because they are so important to the investment firmament. While the bonds have acted quite poorly, we believe they have backed up enough to create interest. If they didn't, we would have bought nothing and we would have let the market fall.

We will see. I do feel that my avoidance of personal computers in favor of other areas is working for now. But that

Chase Manhattan


I bought. Ouch!

See you on Squawk.

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