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Smoked Out

Monday's $20 million judgment against Philip Morris and RJR shows that Main Street gets this story better than Wall Street.


Philip Morris

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promises to send me a check, I won't call a lawyer and ask her to sue them. If



sends me a bucket of cash, I won't include them in the lawsuit. I don't want checks from some of those other guys; I don't know if they would clear.

Yeah, the pathetic state of the tobacco industry seems to come to the fore daily now. Today's $20 million punitive win for some smoker in California smacks totally of a the type of runaway train that started roaring toward asbestos and silicon breast implants.

These companies are hated. (And tell me that you wouldn't have thrown that smoking woman out of the restaurant and bought a drink of Grey Goose for Doc Melfi in last night's

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But they continue along their merry ways as if nobody ever wins against them and all is well. Funny thing is, if


wins, it will only get worse, not better for these folks, as second-hand smoke is a direct threat to the environment, a core issue of Gore's.

The only thing that amazed me about today's verdict was that the analysts haven't come out and reiterated their super-de-duper strong buys yet!

Guess we will have to wait till tomorrow for those hosannas. Amazing how these pariahs maintain their standing on Wall Street even as Main Street knows better. Amazing and pathetic.

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