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Small-Caps Have to Lead

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Looks like those crazy buy programs couldn't keep the balls up in the air for the whole session. So what else is new? If the pattern holds, tomorrow we come in and the futures are down some crazy amount and the whole shooting match starts over again.

Disappointing when it comes to the financials and the


. But terrific for tech and the airlines -- credit


with that. Nothing like a market periodically driven by fundamentals!

Can't begrudge an up 2000 issue day if you are long, but I keep coming back to the notion that small-cap, not big-cap, has to lead us to the promised land.

On a lighter note,


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showed that if you let people cut numbers enough times and let your stock drift down enough, the

coup de grace

has no sting. Other CEOs take note, if you just let the bulls hang there with assurances, you can preannounce with impunity!



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saga ended up taking no prisoners. In tough markets stuff like this just becomes business as usual. That's why, despite repeated assurances, some of which I received today, I can't believe this






deal is closing. As a shareholder of WorldCom, it is nice to see something happen as planned for a change.

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