We expect the bears to try to land a few blows in this last hour. But we suspect they will be glancing. There simply isn't a lot of downside momentum to this tape. Out of respect to the Taiwan elections Saturday and the

Producer Price Index

(heavily influenced by oil perhaps?), we can't take down much more stock than we did during the earlier break. But we are buying favorite stocks that are down 15 to 20 points and haven't rallied yet.

We see the same selling as you. We aren't being complacent. We just haven't had our long-term pro-stock thesis tested by this tape. If anything, we think there will be more rush to the


between now and the last week of the quarter and we can't be spooked by Japan. Heavens, that would have had us out of the

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Dow Jones Averages

11 years ago.

Random musings:

The only real caution -- so much supply this week. I know that from reading Ben Holmes' great

ipoPros.com by the way.

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