Sleepy Market Is Slow to React

The trader is dragging his feet and so are most stocks.
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This market looks as tired as I feel. It has stopped reacting to anything other than these small-unit battles between the longs and the shorts in semiconductors, software and biotech, with the bulls going two for three.

We have spent the last hour crafting scenarios for the last


episode, all of which have Pussy surviving -- if not triumphing. Boy, is he a fave in this office. And why does Joe Penny have such a hold on all of us? Why do we care if Carm comes on to him? Why do we like him? He was such a hack actor in

Jake and the Fatman




is still

calling for a ramp . I am getting ready to give it my all on the

Fox New Channel

show and take your calls (by the way, the correct number to call is 1-888-TELL-FOX).

What frantic schedule I have.

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