Slashing Through the H-P Hype

Platt's on his way out. That's why this stock is jumping.
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Author's Note: Now I understand what I was missing before. The press release didn't spell this out clearly, but CEO Lew Platt is leaving after H-P spins off its new measurement company. So that's why the stock is up 5!

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Don't Believe the H-P Hype

Talk about glass half-full!! What am I missing with



, and why couldn't it have done this when I was long H-P?

No matter how I slice or dice this H-P announcement, I can't see paying up 7 on where it was before the company blew the quarter.

One possible explanation: There will be a sizable chunk of the company that


be run by Lew Platt. That could explain 3 or 4 points, but 7? Give me a break. This one's not getting off my

restricted trading list that easily!

What this H-P move might be signaling is an ebbing of the tarnishing wave that this market has felt since the beginning of the personal computer decline.

Let's face it, the leader of this market for as long as most can remember has been personal computers. The loss of that leadership has created a vacuum that has still not been filled. The bull in me, which periodically threatens to burst out of me like in one of those


movies, says today that instead of just a handful of leaders moving and everyone else staying home, many different stocks are moving up. That's healthy.

Of course, it is good to see the non-PC portion of tech ramping, too. Who'd a thunk we didn't need


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to have a positive MSH (the

Morgan Stanley High-Tech



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