Skiers, Come Home

Quick, call all those bullish analysts in Aspen. The market needs their pizazz right now.
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Quick, call Aspen! Get those analysts back here. At least put them on the horn. We need some price-target bumps and split rumors! We need some reiterations right now. We have to get some hype, pronto. Please, analysts, you have been so on the bull case all year, don't take it away now.

Don't ignore those 308% increases. Don't overlook the many happy



customers (anybody know any?). And don't forget: Before


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Yep, the giant stock PR machine mistakenly took a vacation thinking that not much could happen except a Santa Claus rally. No such luck.

My prediction: Tomorrow morning the ski bums will be back in the saddle and the super-buy reiterations will be as thick as the crowds are expected to be in Times Square this weekend.

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