These down-5%


days don't make any friends among the traders out there. People got too bullish into last week's ramp and now we have to take it down again to see what happens.

If the pattern holds, we mount a half-hearted rally at the opening on Tuesday, which then fails, and we get a chance to buy them when they come in.

If they open lower we can just buy them. But that has not been the pattern.

Oh yeah, and at the opening they tend to look really great and fool a ton of people. The game is getting hard, to say the least.

Ultimately we are getting sick of a market where, even when we are lean, we can get hurt. Especially when some Big Board companies rally, making the


hold in. The Dow is now making the same mockery of the NDX that the NDX did of the Dow all last year.

Doesn't make the action very inviting, short-term, even as it makes things much better long-term. That's why we sat on our hands for the afternoon and may do the same tomorrow.

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