Singing the Praises of Gary B. Smith

Since Cramer started taking Gary's advice to avoid that first selloff, it's begun to pay off.
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message boards. Of all of the people who have made us money reading

and watching the

TV show, I have to sing the praises

of Gary B. Smith

. For some reason, I have always been willing to buy that first dip of bad news. Typically, I get started there and then have to average down the next day or two.

But ever since I have been watching Gary, I have tried, with almost a religious zeal, to avoid that first selloff. Yesterday it came into play, and it has made me nice money.

As I have told this site often, I had made a nice bet against the drillers. When


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blew up the other day, there I was covering the group. I wanted to go long HAL at the 36-and-change level. But when I mentioned it at one of my meetings with

Jeff Berkowitz

, he said "Aren't you violating Gary B. Smith's rule if you buy HAL?"

So I held off.

Now the stock is at the 34 level. Time has passed. I am bidding underneath for the driller, 2 points lower than had I not listened to Gary.

Sometimes not having money taken out of the bank is even better than putting a little in.

What a great rule!

Now, Gary, I wonder, what do you think of


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down here?

Random musings:


Maria B.

, what do I do now with my semis ? Will you come on


at 2 p.m. and reiterate your buy on


(MU) - Get Report

? You can use

Dan Niles'

re-recommendation if you want to; it just got squawked. Or will you leave us to the wolves? Don't you have an obligation to mention whether you are keeping it a strong buy with a one-one rating? Does it remain on the recommended list? Does it?

As I sit here and watch this stock, which gets buffeted each day at 9:27 a.m., the most sensitive moment when it comes to the stock market, I wonder what happens now? Guess we will know in a couple of hours. Hope she doesn't leave us hanging.

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