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Back to the Badlands!

Remember when I wrote that piece about how the

Badlands -- the after-hours markets -- are a dangerous place where people can be fleeced of their horse, their guns and their clothes?

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Well, they are. Individuals who are trading in after-hours markets are almost daily being taken out to the O.K. Corral and getting shot.

Last night we saw a true self-fleecing:



reported dynamite

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numbers. But anybody who trades Nortel professionally knows that Nortel reports first in Canadian numbers, which were super-huge.

Once they got translated into U.S. dollars they were still huge, but not so super. In the meantime, while we waited for the translation, lots of individuals got faked out by the much stronger Canadian number. They paid too much vs. what people would pay for U.S. numbers. Three dollars too much.

When you trade after hours you have to remember


to trade on the first number. Sometimes it is wrong. (


(INTC) - Get Intel Corporation Report

, for instance.) Sometimes it is in the wrong currency. (Nortel.) Wait until the conference call, or at a minimum wait until the text gets released.

Sometimes you can shoot too fast in the Badlands.

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