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) -- Here's a question from one of our readers:

Q: Noah, I'm a very busy wife, mother and business owner. At work, I'm extremely proficient, organized and my space is well-utilized. At home, I've begun to see just how disorganized and cluttered our apartment is. Recently a colleague recommended a professional organizer, whom I've actually already contacted. I've yet to set-up an appointment with one of their organizing specialists, I feel embarrassed that a successful woman, such as myself, is having trouble handling my personal items and keeping my home in order. Please provide any and all suggestions on creating a better environment for my family. Thanks!


I think before we discuss the benefits of becoming organized and get you to make that appointment , one thing must be stated at the start. You are absolutely not alone. Your feelings are one hundred percent normal, and typical of a professional wearing many different hats. It is understandable that from time to time certain aspects of one's life may seem a bit out of control.

No one is perfect, and when we demand perfection of ourselves, we inevitably become disappointed! The difference between you and many others in your same predicament-- you are actively seeking a solution. Good for you!

Asking for help is nothing to be embarrassed about at all, it is not a sign of weakness, actually more a sign of strength. Remember, once you have found the right organizational system for you, which will keep you on track, you will not have to rely on that help forever!

The hope is that after you get help from a professional, taking care of your own personal belongings and keeping your home-spaces organized, will be easier for you to sustain. The fact that you've already contacted your organizer means the motivating kick-start you needed has already propelled you into action.

Disorganization is often a result of many factors, including depressions, increased stress, attention deficit disorder, transitional periods, and of course the environment you were raised in.

When disorganization goes unheeded, it can not only affect your physical space, it can take hold of your mental capacities as well.

Organization is a very calculated process, which needs to be practiced consistently to become habitual. Natural organizational skills are a very foreign concept to most people. Like any practice, organization takes time and effort.

As I hear it, you're capable of being quite organized at work. Take the efficiency, need and limits met there and apply them to your home space as well.

Here are five benefits from being organized.

1. Organization is a time saver. It allows us to complete tasks quicker. We don't spend an hour getting materials together to start the project. We just begin, because we know where the items can be found!

For example, suppose your child has a math assignment due. Instead of spending 15 minutes searching for the calculator, ruler and textbook, he or she has a clearly defined homework area with sections divided by subjects for easy access.

2. Organization decreases stress levels. In an organized world not everything is an emergency. Your daily tasks seem more manageable. As a result, you are more comfortable in your own skin. Wouldn't it be nice to know where your keys, cell phone and purse are every time you wanted to leave the house!?

3. Organization increases self-confidence and makes you calm! Being organized helps you carry yourself with pride, creating ownership over your clutter and not letting the clutter own you. When you know where you left your checkbook, your mind and spirit are free to concentrate on bigger ideas or to enjoy moments of lightheartedness.

4. Get rid of your old junk! Remember a key factor when working with your organizer: When in doubt, throw it out! A clean, uncluttered space is the best space.

5. If you constantly put-off tasks for a later date, you can create a disorganized pile! Make that appointment with the organizing specialist, now! It will really have a significant impact on multiple aspects of your life.

Thank you for the great question, and good luck.

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