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Twelve million people get moved to a new city. Think of it. Think of it as being 100 times the move of New Orleans. Think about what the rebuild after Katrina did to the GDP of this country. This Chinese post-earthquake move is just much, much bigger.

But people


are not talking about it.

To me, it means that all of the games the Chinese play with suppliers are over. They will just have to pay up.

All of the steel and all of the wood and all of the concrete and all of the copper -- going at premium.

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Which brings me to


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. Here's an opportunity to pick up some of the best steel company at what could be a big discount on the secondary that NUE's doing to build a better Nucor. I think this one's worth being in for.



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. I know the stock's barely down, but why not get ready for when the overall

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sellers take this one for a quick hit back to the mid- to low teens? I think that works higher.

Heck, this rebuild is so big I think it will impact


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. China will need so many earthmovers, I could see them taking a whole month's worth of inventory.

You need to think of this earthquake the way you might have thought about the


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demands on 80% of the world's deepwater rigs. That generated a huge oil service move for that end of the market that continues today.

I don't know when the magnitude of this rebuild will dawn on people, but you sure want to get into a copper or a steel company before it does. Lots of good opportunities coming in this selloff.

Random musings

: Thank you, T. Boone Pickens, for saying the truth about oil: Demand is overwhelming supply. It is


a dollar issue, no matter how many clever people come out and say it is ...

At the time of publication, Cramer was long Freeport-McMoRan.

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