Don't ever say they don't give you a chance to get in. On Saturday as I was taking questions from individuals about my speech, which you can find on other portions of this

cyberpage, people wanted to know if there would ever be a chance to buy these stocks lower.

I said that they would always come in, that there would be an event, an unforeseen event, that would let them in at better prices.

No sooner had I answered the question then more people were back wondering whether they just had to pay up to get into the names I was talking about -- at least to get started.

Again, I said, "No." I said, "Wait." An opportunity would come, I assured.

Well, the break happened. This morning. Right then. And when it happened I bet that most people were scared to pull the trigger.

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Except for the


subscribers. They knew.

Two lessons: You always get your chance, and when it occurs you can't suddenly be afraid to take it.

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