Bob Davis

can't catch a break. Now he is probably worrying whether this






deal meets the same fate as his aborted


deal (

USA Networks


Ouch! Davis is totally, I mean totally, committed to doing what is right for shareholders. This deal seemed great (I have sold my stock but I still own calls) when it got announced. Now it is under attack as the ultimate in Wampum (see Fleck

transcript) and a dangerous overpay by the Spaniards.

As a critic of the first deal, I find myself rooting for this one, if only because I have gotten to know Davis and know that he wants to win big for his shareholders. That's what it is about for him.

I hope he gets his chance.

Random musings: So, a few seconds ago I shout out, "If



goes, who benefits?"

Matt "Profits" Jacobs

immediately shouts out, "Nobody, because they didn't sell much of anything." But

Jeff Berkowitz

trumps him, "Only the shorts!"

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